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Dan's Meditation

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              Daniel runs live sessions on Insight Timer on Wednesdays, 3pm UK time…


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The benefits of mindfulness practice are well known: stress reduction, improved focus, and a greater feeling of contentment. and yet this benefits are just the start. Purposefully putting mindfulness into action can help us to really participate in life and meet its challenges.

Mindfulness helps us to move away from a thinking-based way of living into a more direct and immediate connection with everyday life and what’s going on around us, with kindness and curiosity.

By not worrying so much about the past or feeling so anxious about the future, we can experience more pleasure, joy and happiness, moment by moment. Over time this can contribute to a sense of empowerment by recognising we can make more choices about how to live more fully. This can support the development of better relationships, stability in life and an increased sense of well-being.