Dan's Meditation
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Dan's Meditation

June 2021

A few hours ago...

A few hours ago, I was able to track my mind more closely than usual. I observed each thought unfold; each second that the thoughts arose and fell…
I was amazed at how negative they were, as if each time something was not quite right: something
could be or should be changed or improved.
Then suddenly the mind switched into opportunity mode – more present time than past or future. Each thing that happened, after that, became an opportunity or a teaching: the water spillage presented an opportunity to mop the floor, the water that the broccoli had been cooked in was worthy of making soup the following day, the quarter bottle of red left from the previous evening was just the right amount for the forthcoming evening, the music playing through the speaker took away previous pressures of performing and allowed for a more direct, loving attention, etc.
Perhaps it was the difference between trying to have control over Life and letting Life guide you; rising in love with the here and now…