Dan's Meditation
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Dan's Meditation


This morning I set off in search of frogspawn,
which I could transfer to a new pond I’ve created. My friend gave me directions to where I would surely find some, so I set off with great hopes.
I walked and walked (mostly uphill so it was quite strenuous for a sixty-three-year-old!) but I could not find the correct spot.
I realised I had made progress! The “old me” would have been cross and either chastised myself or, more likely, blamed the person who gave the directions. I would have cursed the fact that I had so many other things to do. But today I experienced a mild disappointment and let the whole idea drop. I walked deeper inside the wood, sat down, cross-legged and did some meditation.
The birdsong was delicious and quite different to the usual sounds in my garden. There was a bee close by, humming a tune. With the smell of pine, fresh in my nostrils, I was at peace.