Dan's Meditation
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Dan's Meditation


Alidan Retreats are still in their planning stages!

Alison and Dan intend to run weekend, and week-long, retreats in the beautiful countryside of North Wales. Catering will be vegetarian/vegan and there will be opportunities to practice Mindfulness in Nature, within the immediate environment.

Much is now being made of our disconnection from the Earth. Studies point to a correlation with the increase of mental health issues.  At the beginning of the twentieth century, only 15 percent of the world’s population lived in urban areas. The United Nations identifies 2007 as the turning point—now more than 50 percent of people live in urban areas and by 2050, it will be closer to 70 percent. It has become a privilege to be connected to land that has not been transformed by modernity, land that has not been covered over by concrete or asphalt, land that has not been augmented for human use only. To land that is still ancestral land.

Alison and Daniel are keenly aware of living with this privilege and are working on sharing it with you.

Meanwhile, Dan and Alison continue to run their holiday cottages.

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